• Cryptographic security (see details below).
  • Complete ads absence.
  • High work speed.
  • Absence of extra abundant elements.
  • Ability of preliminary note compression.
  • Ability of note generation with readable ID (for example dictation over the phone).
  • Ability of big size note content creation (up to 4 MB).
  • Ability to set time expiration of the note that will be deleted after expiry time in case not read automatically.
  • Ability of note saving into txt file.
  • Support of all up-to-date desktop and mobile browsers.
  • High Privacy Level.
At the moment we do not set the limits for size. If you don’t use data compression, included into the settings so the note size could be larger.
At the moment we do not recommend to save notes larger than 4MB. It can cause browser freezing or temporary suspension.
If you did not set up the validity period, it will be deleted automatically within 60 days.
  • SNote does not use third-party advertising, analytical, statistics services as well as social network buttons, scripts, CDN and other resources, located on third-party servers. No any other request could be served that is different from SNote server.
  • SNote do not use Cookies, HTML5 Local Storage, LSO. The users are not traced by any means.
  • All notes are encrypted so your password are not sent outside your browser so your notes cannot be read respectively neither your Internet provider (if you set strong custom password), no by Datacenter clerks, not even SNote Admin have such abilities.
  • SNote uses AES 128 bit CCM encryption mode by default, PBKDF2 with 512 iterations for key derivation from password, generate password length 16 symbols (bytes) ([A-z0-9] with the help of cryptographic secure PRNG and SJCL or use user-defined password. User can switch on advanced encryption mode (Paranoid Encryption Mode) in which size AES key can be extended to 256 bit, size of password to 32 symbols, number of iterations to PBKDF2 to 1024, length of note ID to 12 symbols.
  • For cryptographic operation execution such as encryption/decryption, key from password derivation used verified, cryptographic secure Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library (SJCL) you can compare ( diff ) realisation used in SNote with original.
  • Connection with SNote is being encrypted with SSL/TLS (TLS 1.3, HSTS). These can secure protection from eavesdropping, monitoring and traffic modification by the active attacker.